Having your garden comes with loads of benefits. Apart from the fun that comes with it, you also get to have a variety of self-selected fruits and vegetables, plus all the freshness and nutrition.

If you’re starting your garden, knowing which vegetables are the easiest to grow is helpful. This article will provide a list of 7 fruits and vegetables that you can quickly grow by yourself. These vegetables and fruits were cut because they were easy to plant, prune, and easy to cultivate.

7 Easy Fruits and Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden

It’s normal to be confused about what to plant in your garden. Especially if you’re starting at gardening, that’s why we’ve created a list of 7 fruits and vegetables that are easy to plant.

1. Cherry Tomatoes

Regular tomatoes take quite a while to mature on the plant for the fruit. This is why cherry tomatoes are a simpler option because the fruits are smaller and mature more quickly. Also, one cherry tomato plant can produce hundreds of fruits.

To grow cherry tomatoes, you can either buy the seeds and plants or purchase a young plant that already has a vine.

2. Strawberries

When growing strawberries, you have to ensure they have full sunlight and are planted in well-draining soil. You can choose from these three types of strawberries; June bearers, which produce one set in June; ever bearers, which have two to three harvests every year; and day neutrals, which produce small amounts of strawberries per season.

You can grow strawberries in containers, raised beds, on the ground, or in hanging baskets. But you have to be careful as strawberries spread through runners. And so, you have to limit the runners to a few plants.

3. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are very colorful and flavorful plants that are excitingly easy to grow. You can start planting them indoors for about 4-6 weeks before transplanting them to your garden. You must then plant them about 6 inches apart in well-drained soil.

Your bell peppers are ready to be harvested when they turn bright green or red or yellow or purple (depending on what color of peppers you planted).

4. Carrots

Carrots can be sown into the ground or planted in containers. The important thing is for the seeds to have enough space to grow, and they have to be planted in loose dirt. If you have good loose soil, your carrots can grow to their full size without any problem.

You can harvest your carrots when the top is green, big, and bushy.

5. Garlic

Garlic is a type of plant that you can forget about after planting. All you have to do is put each clove in the garden in fall and leave through winter so they can be harvested in summer. That is how easy they are to grow.

Your garlic is ready to harvest when the leaves have turned yellow.

6. Cucumbers

Cucumbers can be planted in your garden or a container. They must be grown vertically and in full sunlight. You need to give your cucumbers plenty of compost and water consistently to get the best quality of cucumbers.

Cucumbers grow better in warm seasons. So, in about 50-70 days, you can harvest the cucumbers.

7. Blackberries and Raspberries

Raspberries and blackberries are some of the easiest bush berries to grow. It’s best to grow these berries in raised beds or on the ground. They must be planted in well-draining soil and need enough sunshine.

They also require constant pruning for consistent production, but pruning is a fast and easy task.


Growing a garden can be a lot of work. But growing a garden with fruits and vegetables that are easy to plant makes the work a lot less hassle-free and the benefits even more enjoyable.