I am always looking for ways to have fun with my granddaughter. Most kids love to pretend to dress up, put on makeup, camping, or even flying. My granddaughter has pretended all the above.

I had gotten her a princess tent with the LED lights at Amazon. When it was raining outside, we got it out and put it on her bed with the lights in the room off. We turned on the lights in the tent and pretended to hear the crickets and frogs. We read books and talked. We played in that tent until we both fell asleep.

I have also gotten her a pink princess makeup vanity at Amazon that she plays with and dresses up like she is going to a party every time she comes over. She has even pretended to put makeup on her grandad. She told him that she needed to fix his face. But she could not do anything with his hair because he had none. We got a big tickle from that.

Playing with the children in your life is a great blessing that you both will remember forever.