It can be pretty frustrating to put such hard work into growing your plants, only to have them destroyed in seconds by your pup or kitten. However, it isn’t uncommon. There are various tips and ways to solve this problem. So, let’s dive in and explore the five ways to keep your pets from your garden.

5 Ways to Keep Pets Away from Your Garden

If you don’t like coming back to your garden to meet it destroyed after a long time tending to it, follow these five ways provided below to keep your pets away from your garden:

1. Blood Meal

A blood meal is a nitrogen amendment typically used to prevent squirrels or moles from attacking one’s garden. It’s dried animal blood; often cow blood made into a powder. It’s also an excellent fertilizer for plants.

A blood meal is good for preventing your pets from going into your garden as the smell of blood is not appealing to pets such as cats and dogs. So, you can mix some into your plant’s soil, and your pets’ sensitive noses will keep them away from your garden.

2. Fences

Fences are a great and effective way to keep pets out of your garden if they are high enough. Your fence can be electronic or non-electronic. It can be metal, wood, or a picket-style fence.

You want to ensure you have the right type of fence for the kind of pet you have and the correct size.

3. Motion Activated Water Sprinklers

This is a fast and easy, stress-free way of keeping pets out of your garden. The short and unexpected burst of water will scare your pets. The sound will also scare your pets, who’ll remember the bad experience, and that’ll keep them off from wandering onto your garden.

Using motion-activated water sprinklers is a very efficient and economical choice. And they’re effortless to install. In the long run, it’s one of the safest ways to prevent pets from going into your garden.

4. Citrus Peels and Ground Coffee

Citrus peels such as lime, orange, or lemon peels release an offensive smell that most pets hate. You can grind coffee and add it to your soil for a stronger and longer-lasting odor. The scent also automatically re-activates once you water your plants.

This mixture is also an excellent fertilizer for your plants.

5. Smart Planting

You can try growing specific types of plants in your garden that serve as natural repellants. However, it’s essential to consider the kind of pet you’re trying to repel when doing this. That’ll help you determine the suitable plants to grow.

For example, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and onion help repel rabbits. They’re also effective with other rodents. Lavender and marigold are also good at repelling rodents.

For cats, Coleus Canina, also known as dog urine, keeps them from plants. Also, lavender and citronella help prevent cats and dogs from going into your garden.


Growing a garden is no small task, and having it destroyed because of a wandering pet can be frustrating. To prevent your hard work, time, and resources from going to waste, follow the steps provided above to keep pets away from your garden.