It is about the time of the year that we need to start cleaning up out gardens and yards from the winter. We still will have some colder nights but will have some nice days that we can use to get a head start.

In the south the more that you can do while it is still cool the better. When it starts warming up, we know it will not long before it gets too hot to do much work outside. Take this time to prepare your flower beds. You can prune most ornamental shrubs. Pruning is going to improve your flowering plants. It will help keep your green shrub healthy and keep it in shape. If you are not sure about when it is best to prune any shrub, most of the time information can be found on Google. Just make sure that you use a sharp pruner to keep from doing damage to the branch.

This is a good opportunity to check your shrubs and trees for dead or diseased branches. It is also a good time to transplant things that have outgrown their home. While things are still dormant from the winter you can get things moved around safely. Sometimes we need to just give them more room or more sun.