Everyone wants to eat and live healthily and purchase organic foods in our current world. And so, growing your vegetables has never been so important.

However, you may still doubt whether growing your food is worth the time and energy. This blog post explores six important reasons why growing your vegetables is important.

6 Importance of Growing Your Own Vegetables

Eating healthy doesn’t get easier than eating fresh food from your garden. If you’re still not convinced about growing your vegetables, here are six importance of growing your vegetables:

1. Better Taste

Nothing beats biting into a freshly plucked tomato or crunching on a freshly harvested carrot. The flavor is just different from those you buy at the grocery store. It even has a different texture.

This is because most of the vegetables you buy at the store have been specially bred to produce more output per plant. They’ve also been engineered to have a longer shelf-life and be ready for harvesting all at the same time. Sometimes, with the use of special chemicals, which could compromise the taste.

2. No Chemicals

Often, the fruits and vegetables you buy at the store are pumped with all sorts of chemicals and additives. This is done to increase the size, help them grow faster, and prevent them from damaging during shipping or transportation.

Pesticides that contain harmful chemicals can also be used to prevent insects and diseases from attacking the crops. The substances then get on the plants and contaminate them. These chemicals become harmful to the body in the long run.

Growing your fruits and vegetables allows you to control the growing environment of your garden. You are aware of what is and isn’t used on your plants.

3. Saves Money

It also helps you save a lot of money that you’d have spent on expensive and artificially grown vegetables from the store. You can channel your money into other exploits by growing your vegetables.

All you have to do is buy a few seeds, some soil, a few tools such as a watering can, trowel, etc., and a few containers, and you’re good to go.

4. Earn Your Money

You can sell some of your excess produce from your garden if it’s allowed in your community. That’ll help you earn some extra money.

You can start by selling to your neighbors and others in your area. Then you can expand and start supplying to your local restaurant or grocery store.

5. Provides a Means of Outdoor Exercise

While gardening, you’ll engage in walking, digging, bending, lifting, and pulling. These are forms of low-impact exercise that can increase your body’s immune system function.

Studies show that about 45 minutes of gardening can help burn the same calories as running 1.5 miles in 15 minutes. Regular gardening can help relieve stress, release tension and boost energy.

6. Helps the Environment

Growing your vegetables helps reduce carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels as you’ll not need to make use of plastic packaging. Also, you’ll probably use little to no pesticide, which reduces the amount of chemicals that go into the air and the soil.

You can also create a compost pile from your garden waste instead of going into a landfill.


Gardening is a fun and exciting activity. Throw in all these six benefits, and you’ll probably never want to stop growing your vegetables again.