Toddlers usually start preschool between the ages of three to four. However, some children start at age two. It all depends on where your toddler is developmental. Starting preschool marks a new phase in your child’s life. Sending your child to preschool is a decision that requires physical, emotional, and financial preparation as well as research.

So, keep reading! We’re sure you have a lot of questions running through your mind. To put your mind at ease, this blog post will explore five essential things you need to do before your child starts preschool.

Five Things to Do Before Your Child Starts Preschool

We’ve created this list of 5 things you need to do before your child start preschool:

1. Research the Location of The Preschool

When deciding what preschool to take your child to, it’s essential to search for preschool options in your city or your area and find one close to your home. The school’s location should be one that you can easily access.

2. Visit the Preschool

It also helps pay a visit to the preschool you have chosen for your child. It’ll allow you to get acquainted with the school environment, your child’s classroom, and schedule.

You can also try to meet with the preschool teacher or teachers taking responsibility for your child. You can discuss any information you feel is essential for the teachers concerning your child, such as allergies, whether or not your child is potty trained, etc.

It also helps to know the facilities provided, such as a playground, health clinic, first aid kits, or any other feature to help your child develop holistically. Also, ensure you check out the school’s security program and guidelines.

3. Understand your Child

Your child is about to face a new dimension in their life. It’s therefore essential that you know your child’s needs, strengths, capabilities, and problems. Also, it helps to know your child’s level of independence.

Your child’s ability to perform certain activities themself will go a long way to help their transition to preschool easier. You can teach your child basic self-help skills. Such skills include; using the toilet properly, putting on shoes, socks, or hats, tying a shoelace, washing hands properly, using appropriate utensils, etc.

4. Restructure Your Routine

While staying at home, your child is already settled into a routine. But that routine might not work once your child starts preschool. Hence, you have to shift it to make the transition easier.

Before your child starts preschool, gradually introduce changes such as an earlier bedtime and dinner, less TV or media time, healthy breakfasts, less time playing indoors and more time outdoors, and also a nap time.

A consistent and easy-to-do routine a few weeks before preschool will make your child’s transition easier.

5. Organize Yourself

Before the first day of preschool, you have to ensure you have everything your child needs. Ensure you have essentials such as clothing, shoes, socks, backpacks, and lunchboxes already labeled.

Get all necessary forms correctly filled, signed, and turned in to the school. Stock up on fruits, healthy snacks, and cereals.


There’ll be a lot going on before your child resumes school. So, to ensure that you cover all bases, it’s essential to do these five things before your child starts preschool. Do these, and you and your child will have a smooth transition into the new phase.