As a parent, you spend so much time teaching, correcting, and helping your kids out with one thing or the other. But you often forget that they’re still kids, and if there’s one thing they enjoy, it’s having fun. It’s easy to get lost in your roles as a parent and forget to enjoy the journey.

The idea of having fun with your kids now and then shouldn’t be so far-fetched. Yet you might be wondering what exactly it is that you’re supposed to do with them to have fun. Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out the exciting ways you can have fun with your kids.

Eight Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids

Raising kids can be quite tasking and draining at times, so why not make it easier by taking time out to have fun with them. Below are eight exciting ways to have fun with your kids:

1. Painting and Drawing

These are great ways to unlock your child’s creative genius and have fun with them. Finger painting, spray painting, face painting, nature drawing, and pencil drawing are suitable fun activities. They’ll also help your child become creative.

2. Peak-a-Boo

This is a fun and easy game to play with your kids around the house. All you have to do is wait for your kid to hide, count down to a certain number, and go in search of them.

Most kids have such a thrill playing this game, and it’ll be more fun for them if you, the parent, join in.

3. Bake Cookies

Children love having cookies. So, what better way is there to have fun and bond with your kids than baking cookies with them? You can go ingredient shopping with your kids and do the preparations together.

Baking with them is an activity that creates long-lasting memories for your kids. They can even take it up as a hobby later on.

4. Visit The Zoo

Most children love animals. However, apart from their pets, your kids have probably not seen the animals they see on TV or read about in books. A great way to teach your children about animals and have fun is by treating them to a day at the zoo.

5. Create a Scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook is a great way to keep memories alive in your family. You can cut up pictures and use them to decorate a book. Doing this with your kids provides an avenue to reminisce on past events while having fun.

6. Visit the Beach

If you’re the type that likes the outdoors, the beach is a perfect place to go with your kids. There’s a range of fun activities you can do there such as having a picnic, swimming, playing beachball, making sandcastles, etc.

7. Organize a Treasure Hunt

This is a very creative way to keep your kids excited and curious. All you have to do is set up clues around the house that’ll lead them to the location of the treasure you have hidden.

You can also make it more interesting by throwing in extra prizes for the winner of the hunt.

8. Play Music and Dance Together

There’s nothing as relaxing as dancing to music. But what is more relaxing is dancing along to music with your kids. This helps to strengthen the bond between you and your kids and helps create long-lasting memories.

It’s also a great form of exercise and stress relief.


Spending time with your kids helps to build a stronger relationship with them. But you can also have fun with them while spending time with them using any of the ways provided in this article.