The general assumption is that the cleaning and maintenance of solar panels are complicated. This misconception sometimes prevents people from installing solar panels in their homes or offices. However, maintaining them is pretty easy if you do have solar panels.

When you don’t clean your panels and are covered in dust, your solar power’s output is reduced. Although rainfall can help wash away particles or dust, a more thorough cleaning can go long.

This article makes the hassle easier by providing a few tips on cleaning your solar panels.

Tips on How to Clean Your Solar Panels

A clean solar panel is much more efficient than a dusty one. These few tips on how to clean your solar panels are time-saving and will help ease their maintenance process so you can enjoy their long-term benefits;

1. Get a Cleaning Kit

A solar panel cleaning kit is the easiest way to get all the materials you need to clean your panels. The kit contains all the essentials and saves you the stress of purchasing individual equipment.

The cleaning kit comes with biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a brush with a long handle. Instructions on mixing the soap and cleaning the panels are usually provided in the kit.

2. Never Use a Hard Sponge or Harsh Soaps

It’s not advisable to use a hard or abrasive sponge to clean your panels as it’ll scratch the glass and damage the anti-reflective coating. Likewise, using harsh soaps or detergents can leave a residue that can leave a mark and attract dirt to stick on the surface.

The best way to clean your solar panels is to use a soft sponge/rag and mild or biodegradable soap.

3. Use a Hose or a Long Wiper

It’s recommended that you use a hose or a long wiper to clean your panels to ensure your safety and the safety of others. That’ll make it easier to clean while staying on the ground.

You can run water along the panels with a hose to remove dirt. This will make cleaning a lot easier and is more beneficial.

4. Remove Stains as Quickly as Possible

Stains that tend to stick easily to your panels, such as bird droppings and grime, have to be removed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it’ll become more difficult to remove later on. And you might even be forced to use a harsh cloth on your panels.

5. Best Times to Clean

The best time to clean your solar panels is very early in the morning or late in the evening. This is because, at mid-day, the panels get too hot as they absorb the heat from the sun. And spraying water on them during this time can cause thermal stress, which can cause the glass to break.

Also, when the sun is heating your panels, it can cause any water you’ve sprayed to evaporate fast. That’ll leave dirty stains, leaving you right back where you started.

6. Don’t Climb Your Roof Without Proper Equipment

Having water on your roof increases your chances of slipping and falling. Always make sure you have appropriate safety equipment such as a harness or a safety rope when attempting to climb your roof. However, it’s always advisable to clean your solar panels from the ground.


If you’re still skeptical about cleaning your solar panels yourself, you can reach out to a professional solar cleaning agency. But if you’re confident you can attempt it yourself, use the few tips provided in this article as a guide.