I am starting this adventure to spend my spare time helping others. I think that it is important for parents and grandparents share their helpful adventures with others. It is our responsibility to raise children with positive things in our world. We need to guide them with the reading and learning experience. It does not take a lot of time to listen to their interests and help them grow as a positive person.

I have a granddaughter and I make sure to spend one on one time with her. Last spring we ordered caterpillars from Amazon. We watched the stages and talked about each stage. When they got old enough we released them into nature. We both had so much fun with this adventure.

In the fall we started another adventure together. We ordered a greenhouse from Amazon and we started growing flowers and vegetables for the butterfly to have something to enjoy next spring. She loves nature and I feel that I am sparking her interests.

I am so glad to her growth into a happy and adventurous person.