It is time for the flowers to start blooming. As a gardener you should be prepared to trim spent flowers. It is essential for most flowering plants that the spent flowers be timed off for new blooms to form. It is very important to have some good sharp pruning shears. You want to have a clean cut so that you do not damage your plant. I also like to have cut flowers brought into my house. I love the smell and look of them. You will find they last longer also if they have a good clean cut.

You also should have a different pair of shears for trimming back your shrubs. You would not want to damage the flower trimming pair with hard branches. The pruning shears are for the branches. They are specially designed to cut harder things. You can easily find a pair that is also ergonomically correct. As we get older, we look for this option more.


I found on Amazon lots of great brands to choose from. I find Fiskars have many different sizes and styles to pick from. They are affordable and well made. Some brands come in sets, or you can choose them one at a time for your needs.