As a grandmother I take every opportunity to spend time with my granddaughter. She is like a sponge and soaks up ever fun thing we do. She has just as much fun with things that cost nothing as things that cost a lot. She likes most of all the time that we spend together.

When we play she does not have a problem letting you know when she is having fun. She loves running in the breeze “cost nothing”. She loves picking wild flowers “cost nothing”. She loves baking cookies “cost almost nothing”. Maybe she eats a few making it even better.

A few weeks ago I ordered her some books from Amazon. With winter and rainy days she wanted something to do inside. Most kids do not care if you read to them or they read to you. It is good entertainment for you both. She is only 5 and gets a big kick out of reading to me. I encourage her for the great job and that just makes her day. Have fun with them when you can because it doesn’t last long.