Last year when my granddaughter and I were working on the flowers she loved the butterflies coming to kiss them. Anyone that knows me knows that I encourage everything that will help a child learn. I went on Amazon and ordered some live caterpillars and the pop-up terrarium so that we could watch them go through the stages of growing into butterflies.

She would call and check on the progress. I would send her pictures if something new happened. When they started to hatch out her mom brought her over and we watched them come out.

When it became time to let them go, we even had a release party with the rest of the family. We cooked out and enjoyed the excitement. When she released them, one even flew out onto her hand. She said, “isn’t that sweet. She thinks I am her mommy”. She named her Flowers because she felt like she would love our garden.

Teaching children can be a great blessing. Just find their interest and help them learn all they can about it.