Exercise for kids may seem strange, but it’s essential to help your kids live a healthy lifestyle. It lays a good foundation for them to have future healthy habits. But, as much as exercise is good for kids, it becomes dangerous when it’s too much. It can lead to fatigue, loss of interest in activities, depression, or fractures.

As a result, kids’ exercise should be simple, fun, and not consume too much time. Keep reading as we provide you with eight easy and fun exercises that’ll encourage your kids to get out of that bed:

Eight Fun and Simple Exercises for Kids

Exercise for kids should be fun and more “exercise play” than a workout session. You don’t require any equipment or special exercise tools. Below are eight exercises that are fun and easy for kids.

1. Running Kids typically enjoy games like tag or freeze, and these games encourage running by chasing each other. So, running as an exercise should be pretty easy for them. Running helps develop a healthy heart and lungs and improves muscle coordination. It also helps improve mental health and cognitive performance. However, before your child starts running, encourage them to do a little warm-up first.

2. Skipping Skipping is a simple and effective exercise that can help improve your child’s agility and stamina. It also relieves stress, tones body muscles, and helps blood circulation. While encouraging skipping in children, choosing a rope that isn’t too long and has comfortable handles when gripped is crucial.

3. Jumping Jumping is an exercise that is based on bouncing. Children from 18 months and above are usually able to do this. It helps to develop coordination and muscle strength. It also builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness in kids.

4. Bear Crawl Bear crawls are fun if you can get creative with them. You can tell your kids to pretend to be bears in the jungle and have them crawl around looking for food. This exercise requires full-body movement and helps improve coordination, and strengthens the leg and core muscles.

5. Squats and Lunges Squats and lunges are strength training exercises that work the upper and lower body muscles. They are great for helping to burn fat and maintain your child’s weight. You can turn it into a game by trying backward lunges, forward lunges, side lunges, and classic squats.

6. Yoga Yoga has a lot of poses that can be fun and exciting for your kids to try. Some poses for your kids to try include; Child’s Pose, Happy Baby, The Cobra, Upward-Facing Dog, or Tree Pose.

7. Push-ups Push-ups provide a complete body workout that exercises the hips, legs, chest, arms, and abdomen at once. It’s suitable for the cardiovascular system and improves your kids’ posture.

8. Backstretch The backstretch is a simple yoga pose that perfectly stretches the back muscles. It also stretches the thighs and ankles and aids digestion and reduces stress and fatigue.

Conclusion If your kids see exercises as activities they love instead of a chore that you’re forcing them to do; they’re more likely to want to do it and enjoy it. These eight exercises for kids are sure to help you achieve that.