We all have our favorite cookies. Did you realize that we have hundreds of different kinds of cookies? Well, there are drop cookies, molded cookies, bar cookies, no bake cookies, ice box cookies, and to say the least cut cookies. You would think that the classic cut cookie is the most popular cookie during the holidays. Kids love to help decorate them. They also love to taste test them. I have never made a batch of cookies that someone did not eat one before I got finished with the batch.

Cookies are a convenient thing to have around during the holidays. You never know when you will have a visitor come by. Over the years I have made cookies for many occasions. They are a treat for a special snack. They taste perfectly with milk, coffee, or even ice cream. You can make many different kinds and mix them up for a happy gift for a neighbor, coworker, or friend. You are sure to find your quest’s favorite cookie among a variety of cookies around your guest.

Cookies are great to take to a party. For years people have sent them in the mail. During times of war, soldiers look forward to receiving a care package from their mom that contains homemade cookies. They would share them with their team, just to say thank you or lift their spirits. It would feel like home. They would know that someone had missed them.

In my family we have several favorites. We always make sure to have a batch of snickerdoodle cookies. It is kind of a regular cookie that you make into a ball and shake them with a cinnamon sugar mixture. We also must have chocolate chips and peanut butter. But never forget to decorate the sugar cookies. Just make sure to keep plenty of their favorite cookies around.