One thing that most people struggle with is the clutter in their pantry. I have found that you can make ever a small space functional. If the space is organized, it will be easier to find what you have.

I found that if you use clear containers, it will help you find things quicker. They will help you see when things are getting low. When you see an item getting low you can add it to your grocery list. You are more organized, and your pantry looks more organized. Win! Win!

You can find the neatest containers at Amazon. They have containers that have a pop top that seals airtight. You can put pasta, cereal, or snacks in them. Everything will stay fresh. The ones that I found are square. This will help save space. You can also put labels on them.

Eliminate the boxes will clean up the look. You can keep the waisted space and product to a minimum.