Despite the misconception about hiring interior designers – the belief that they cost more, many are beginning to see this as an excellent idea. They certainly don’t cost more, even though you’ll pay for their services. Instead, they give your home a “wow” effect, get you the best products, furniture pieces, artworks, curtains, and every other thing you need to beautify your home. The best part is that they get these essentials at lower and discounted prices because of long-standing relationships.

There are many other benefits, as you’ll discover when you hire the firm you’ve been making inquiries about. However, before you go ahead, check these five things off your list:

1. Determine your budget

Before you hire that interior decorator, determine your budget. Decide if the interior you want to create is worthy of an A-list decorator and if you can afford the services. Also, put a ballpark on the amount you wish to expend on bringing your dream home to life.

Remember to stick with this budget, even when you find new items that interest you. Communicate this budget to your interior decorator to give them an idea of what to create for you.

2. Choose a completion timeframe

The completion timeframe depends on the size of the home. For a large house, you can expect that it’ll require a more extended period, and you may have to move somewhere for the time being. If you want to complete the process fast, communicate the urgency to your interior decorator and prepare to pay the additional charges.

3. Choose a décor

In every sphere of life, there are niches. This applies to interior decorating, and the firm you’ve set your sights on may or may not specialize in the décor you desire. So, the first step is to determine the style you want for your home, then communicate it to the interior designer to find out if they’d like to help you recreate it and if they can.

4. Check the portfolio

Another way to determine if your choice of decorator can pull off your desired style is to check their portfolio. The portfolio contains all completed projects, and although it likely has one or two edits, it’s still a graphical representation of what you can anticipate.

Request the portfolio of the decorator you’ve set your sights on before you hire them.

5. Consider the reviews

Finally, this is an area that you mustn’t overlook. The reviews from past clients of the interior decorator you want to hire also matter. Find out if they did a great job if the project was completed on time, general satisfaction, etc.

You can get reviews from the internet – places like Yelp!, Which? Angie’s list, among many others. Alternatively, if you’re hiring an interior decorator recommended by a friend or colleague, be sure to ask them for honest reviews.


Having a professional touch shouldn’t be underestimated. It creates a clear distinction between the “wow” effect and the effect an untrained person can pull off.